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Padded Handle Lead

Padded Handle Lead


Lupine webbing is of the highest quality jacquard nylon. Never printed or ribbon overlay and tested for color fastness, you can expect your Lupine webbing to withstand the rigors of time, your washing machine and of course, your cat and still look fabulous year after year!


Lupine utilizes the bar tack commonly used in mountain climbing products where superior strength is crucial.

Padded Handle

The padded handle on your Lupine lead is what sets it apart from other leads on the market. Comfortable and light weight in hand, a brushed nylon underside prevents burns that can occur when your kitty jumps for that butterfly.

Trigger Snap

Light weight and easy-to-use, this traditional style trigger snap is designed especially for your small pet. At 2” in length, it’s large enough to easily attach to the D-Ring yet small enough to be comfortable for your little friend.

Featuring quality Lupine webbing and a soft padded handle you’ll be comfortable walking even the friskiest of felines!

Leads for Cats available in lengths: 4’and 6′Buy Now!

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