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Pet Safe



Lupine Collars For Pet Safe Systems
Lupine’s Pet Safe Collars are available in all Lupine Medium and Large Dog patterns and Solid Colors. Lupine does not provide any sales or service for the systems. The Pet Safe Collar features three heat sealed holes that provide and exceptional fit your receiver. Hole Spacing: 1.25″ Hole Diameter: .315″ (5/16″)

Underground Containment Collar for Medium Dogs (Pet Safe Compatible) Available in Sizes: 9″-12″, 12″-17″, 16″-24″, 19″-31″ Buy Now!

Underground Containment Collar for Large Dogs (Pet Safe Compatible) Available in Sizes: 12″-17″, 16″-24″, 19″-31″Buy Now!

Underground Containment Collars

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