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Repair or replace the original webbing of your cord-based retractable leash with Retrax. Available in all our 1″ patterns and solid colors.

1. To attach Retrax, pull out about 12″ of cord on your retractable leash and LOCK the brake button. If your retractable does not have cord, STOP! Retrax only works with cord-based retractable leads. Belt, webbing or tape retractable leads are not compatible with Retrax.

2. Use the original webbing to enlarge the cord loop. Open the Retrax snaps and attach it to the cord loop, alongside the original webbing.

3. Being VERY careful NOT to cut the retractable cord itself, cut off the original webbing.

4. Tighten the cord loop, and walk in style! You can easily switch to another patterned Retrax.

Note: Not compatible with belt and tape based leads

Retractable lead not included.

Retrax available in Large Dog patterns Buy Now!

Retrax available in Medium Dog patterns Buy Now!


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